I’ll always choose the Night. Everytime.

There are a lot of reasons why I belong to the crowd who prefers the night instead of mornings.

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Comic Review: Terropian Princess by Reira Francisco


image credits to: Black Ink Comics

Book/Comic: Terrropian Princess
Author: Reira Francisco
Illustrated by: Florinel Fondevilla
Rating: 2.5/5


            Si Ashien ay isang prinsesa mula sa mahiwagang mundo ng Terropia, kung saan ang magic ay isang pangkaraniwang bagay lamang. Nagulo ang payapang buhay ng mga Terropian nang dumating si Jhaleel na kilala rin bilang dark prince. Nais ni Jhaleel nag awing reyna niya si Ashien. Ngunit tumanggi si Ashie at nagawa ni Jhaleel na was akin na lamang ang kanilang mundo. Upang maligats ang prinsesa ay gumamit ng forbidden magic spell ang kayang ina na si Reyna Liona. Itinago siya nito sa ibang mundo at katauhan. Si Prinsesa Ashie ay nagging si Keith, isang guwapong binate na naninirahan sa Earth.


            I picked up this comic since it has a promising premise.  I find it interesting to be honest. However, I don’t think that a 64-page comic can solve the questions I have in mind. Medyo maraming tanong ang naiwan sa isipan ko.

That being said, I hope people would find my review useful and won’t take it against to the writer/author as all of these are my own thoughts and opinions only.
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Nothing feels sadder than accidentally deleting that post… which contains my letter for you.

The letter which was a product of unrestrained thoughts brought to life before dawn breaks.

The letter which I last wrote here, before my space was once again left to grow dust and end up being forgotten.

The letter which somehow proved that once upon a time, I became a romantic with so much complexity that you were unable to make sense of when you read it. (hahaha)

And it did not do anything good to my heart which has been in so much pain for almost a month now.

Not because we parted, no.

It was because it is me, trapped in an abyss unseen by the naked eye. The pain that I hate so much to feel comes back after a long travel to an unseen territory, knocking against my rib cage as if it was home again.

And maybe, it is.


Year 2015: Hello Ber month!

Hahaha! Time and time again, I keep on forgetting about my wordpress blog. In fact, I haven’t been online much even with my rp blog. ^^;

It’s troublesome and sad. 😦

Anyhow, yes! Hello ber month!

It’s getting chilly and I like cold weather! I like it better than the scorching hot sun during summer. I transform as the devil when April comes. That’s the start of our Summer season. I think?

A lot of things happened that I will not bother you with the details anymore but pretty much things are better than the previous years. That I can say.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more posts if not renovate this blog.

But in the meantime, I’m back!

There and back again + My NaNoWriMo Things: NaNoWriMo2014

*Mushu’s voice* I LIVE!!!!!

Well, I’ve been wanting  say that for a while now.

Yes! I’m back. Again. Never realized how long I’ve neglected this blog. Christ, almost a year and nothing, save for few posts from last year until my event report in May.

In all honesty, things became a little wonky on my side, hence the lack of attention that my blog should have deserve. I’m so sorry blog. I’m such a lousy blogger. *sobs*

Enough of the drama and let’s back to business!

NaNoWriMo 2014!!!

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