There and back again + My NaNoWriMo Things: NaNoWriMo2014

*Mushu’s voice* I LIVE!!!!!

Well, I’ve been wanting  say that for a while now.

Yes! I’m back. Again. Never realized how long I’ve neglected this blog. Christ, almost a year and nothing, save for few posts from last year until my event report in May.

In all honesty, things became a little wonky on my side, hence the lack of attention that my blog should have deserve. I’m so sorry blog. I’m such a lousy blogger. *sobs*

Enough of the drama and let’s back to business!

NaNoWriMo 2014!!!

Well, I, for one that obviously can't write quality... *nods*

Well, I, for one that obviously can’t write quality… *nods*

Have you guys joined this year’s NaNoWriMo?

To be honest, I wasn’t intending to join this year. Sure I told months ago that I would but things happened in real life that I’d rather tell some other time but then a friend of mine told me that we should join this year so… here I am.

I’m on the third day, and my word count still haven’t reached a thousand or two.

However, given that I’m already hyped up in this challenge (and also knowing that my best friend would kill me if I just quit, my whole setup for NaNoWriMo this year is still, unprepared. Though I will not just let it go, oh no.

Regardless if I’m switching on two different language, I will try to reach the word count on or before November 30, especially now that I’m slowly getting my drive back which is absolutely good for me. So far, my word count is around 780. Better had something than nothing, right?

I will tell what my novel’s all about once I had a time to spare. Hopefully, by this time, I’ll try to become more active since I also have a book blog to start too. These days, I can’t think of anything but read and write. And then there are other times when I want to take photos and sew dresses. Also, I’ll talk about that some other time.

Who among you are joining NaNoWriMo right now?

What’s your word count?

What’s your story?

Do tell!

Yes, love. I'll get back to where I left off.

Yes, love. I’ll get back to where I left off.

– C.Y.


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