Cali Ynoviel (or simply Cali) is a daydreamer who often forgets their real age as well as people’s names. Also, they’re genderfluid and pansexual and they’d very much appreciate if people would simply accept them the way they are.

Currently residing in Manila, Philippines, they love to read books and watch anime and movies. That enthusiasm can also be applied in writing stories as well. They also have a growing passion in sewing clothes, however they have no formal education with the craft as well as their photography skills but they learn as time goes by thanks to the world wide web.

They also enjoys cosplay and photoshoots. Also, they dreams of traveling, more photo shoots and writing as their muses usually doesn’t want to cooperate with them. Right now, they enjoy writing by means of roleplaying in Tumblr.

In addition, they’re beginning to grow a fondness in performing arts and British shows in which BBC’s Sherlock could be the point to blame. Other would be NBC’s Hannibal, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and other things. Yes, they’re beginning to be absorbed in this wonderful TV shows. Have they also mentioned that they love Sherlock as well as a certain man named Benedict Cumberbatch? Indeed, they’re a Cumbercookie.

By the way, they’re into different fandoms too.

They loves Japan and hopes to visit the country as well. London would be second and then other places next.

Often seen with earphones and rocking with Japanese Rock music or Hollywood ones at home or even when going out, bobbing their head as they sing or wiggling their hips. Apparently, they listens to a lot of things. Helps them relax. If not, they listen to others like Ben Whishaw’s ‘Ode to Nightingale’ and some classical music.

Clothing style is from comfy PJs, inviting dress and handsome jeans depending on their mood. At the moment, they’re building their wardrobe that’s very much them. They’re also into lolita fashion. It’s one of their inspirations as well.

At times, they gets bored too. Really, really bored.

To them, everything is experimental.

They’re stubborn and most of the time whiny about their internal turmoils in life.

A lot has happened but they try to get back on track again, starting by having this blog and by attempting to maintain a positive outlook in life.