Anime Review: Inu x Boku SS

...I want to have an SS of my own.

…I want to have an SS of my own.

One day, you start living on your own, you arrive in a gorgeous mansion that seemed to be like a hotel in its structure. You want to start fresh, change yourself into someone that should be true to oneself.

And you head to your room on that specific day,  you met someone whose only wish was to serve you forever…

Inu  x Boku SS also known as Inu x Youko SS is a manga created by Fujiawara Cocoa. But I’m too lazy detailing all of it since everything is now googleable these days so you can just do it yourself if you wish to know more.

Here’s my own try at making a review about this anime. I definitely apologize if this turned crappy since I know I missed a lot of things, but I’m doing this review based on my own opinion and I want to grow from it.

Now! On with the review!

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